InstaFitness : Solution for Fitness Anytime, Anywhere

Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work. In todays fast pace life sticking to a fitness routine seems to be a very tuff task. We often join gym but couldn’t continue it due to lack of proper guidance.

What if I say there is an application which you can keep in your mobile phones and track your gym sessions, get proper dieting schedule and it also helps in getting a personal trainer in your area. Recently I was part of lauch of Instafitness App.Its a fitness management application which its helpful for customer (user) and fitness professional as well.

What it offers –

By using this app one can know the calorie count and nutrition of 50000+ food items. It has 2000+ exercises demo pre installed so you just need to install and follow the demo instructions. It also gives you access to connect with trainer in real time and get solution of your fitness queries. It helps you set fitness target and goals. It uses techniques like gamification and reward system that works as motivation towards achieving your set goals.

Helpful for Fitness Professionals –

Fitness trainer is still not considered as a full time job or profession in India due to limited exposure and lack of resources. This app is very good for fitness professionals. It helps in flourishing their entrepreneurial skills and expand their client base and income. It also includes dietitians. It helps them reaching to more clients, easy communication, keeping track of multiple people’s fitness routine at a time in one app.

My Verdict –

I am a working professional and I hardly get any time for my own fitness. I am myself using this app from past 15 days and loving it. It helps me count my calorie intake and how much I used even if I am walking or doing simple yoga. With the available demos I do some easy exercises by myself. Its very user friendly application.

Click Here to Download the App

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