The Bodyshop Tea tree Range Review

Hey lovelies,

Winters are gone and its time to make our skin ready to combat excess oil which is usual concern for most of us in summers. This excess oil results in blocked pores and ultimately blemishes and skin imperfections. I change my skincare every new season and with a little research I decided to add few products in my summer stash from tea tree range of the body shop.

So, I am using five products from tea tree range from past 1 month and I am going to share my views about these in this post. This range is perfect for someone with sensitive,acne prone skin.

Why Tea Tree?

Tea tree oil is anti inflammatory and anti microbial so it soothes the skin with acne or any skin infections. If this oil is used regularly, it has power to treat and reduce acne scars. Tea tree oil ensures smooth, visibly clear skin. Tea tree oil of this range is sourced from the foothills of mount kenya. Its organically grown there. Leaves are hand harvested and steam distilled within 12 hours for most purest and potent tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash-

This face wash is most soothing cleanser I have ever used. Its in light green color with liquid gel consistency which lathers well and gives cooling sensation and trust me it does not irritates the delicate facial skin. From the first use I felt excess oil is gone from my face and it makes my skin looks matte and healthier.

Price- mrp 645/- for 250 ml

Buy From Here

Tea Tree Anti- Imperfection Daily Solution –

At specific time of every month I get pimples on my face so I use this solution at that time as it claims to improve condition of skin.This is a clear solution with watery consistency. I apply this with help of cotton buds directly to the pimple. It helps in reducing redness of skin. I have added this in my daily day and night care routine too as serum after facewash. It has a dropper so I use 3-4 drops and pat them to let my skin absorb serum completely. It instantly tones my skin makes it look visibly clear and matte.

Price-fixing mrp 1495/- for 50ml

Buy From Here

Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Night Mask –

This product is my favorite from the tea tree range as it works amazing on my face. Its a gel based light green leave-on mask which quicky gets absorbed in skin. It doesn’t make my skin sticky and it has salicylic acid along with Community trade tea tree oil. I use it as last step of my night care routine by massaging it on my face and this mask works while I sleep. Its very light and let my skin breath too. I like the glowing, clear and brighter skin I get in the morning. It has no alcohol.

Price – mrp 1795/- for 75ml

Buy From Here

Tea Tree Oil-

I would like to call it miracle oil as it has multiple benefits for skin and hair. So no wonder why its one of the best sellers of The Bodyshop. Its my favorite for DIY solution for my hair and skin worries. You can directly apply it on your blemishes, acne or pimples with a cotton bud once a day to get rid of those skin imperfections.

Price- mrp 645/- for 10ml

Buy From Here

Matte Clay Skin Clearing Foundation – (Savannah Pecan 042)

I never came across a makeup product which has amazing ingredients like tea tree oil.So this one is also best for those who have pimples, acne, blemishes and hesitate using a foundation.This one is a full coverage foundation which gives a complete matte finish.

Best part of this is it controls oil on my face and gives a clear looking skin. Although its full coverage but it is super light weight and has good staying power (upto 24hrs).It’s resistant to sweat and water too.

The shade I own is more peach in color that suits me best. I created a dramatic look using this foundation.I haven’t used any highlighter to show that there is no shine after using this foundation.

It comes in a travel friendly tube packaging.Its my go to foundation in summers.

Price-fixing mrp 1195/- for 30ml

Buy From Here

Verdict –

I suggest this range totally for those who want a permanent solution for skin imperfections. Its good for all skin types including people with the most sensitive skin. The captivating, fresh aroma of organically resourced tea tree oil charms you and works wonders on your most skin concerns. These products are chemical and cruelty free. This range is 100% vegan too. Try if you want a light summer skincare range for keeping blemishes and excess oil at bay.

That’s all for this post.Thanks for reading….. Xoxo Shilpi 💋💋💋💋💋

13 thoughts on “The Bodyshop Tea tree Range Review

  1. Akanksha

    I absolutely love this range for combination and oily skin. The tea tree oil is my personal favourite for many years and I used to put few drops of tea tree oil in my son’s bathing water too.


  2. I always look upto trying new skin care stuff. As per your article even I liked the face wash and the tea tree night face mask. I will surely check these ones out on my next visit to the store.


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