Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad : Review

Korean skincare has been my favorite since past two years and I came across Commleaf six months back. I was keen to try some products from this brand after knowing that they have natural ingredients that helps skin look radiant and healthy by bringing out skin’s inherent power.

Commleaf is made up of two words Comma (Resting) + Leaf (Nature) so Commleaf follows concept of Resting in Nature and focuses on safe and natural skin care . So most of their products enhances skin’s moisture barrier and protects against pollution.

So the first product I recieved was Rose Moisture Pad and I am using it from past 15 days on regular basis.Its smell is very addictive as it has natural rose oil. These are pads claiming to give hydration along with miniaturization to stressed, dull skin.

Ingredients –

These are the ingredients present in rose moisturizing pads.

85 % propolis extract along with rose water are the main ingredients.It has some brilliant set of essential oil and doesn’t have alcohol.

Packaging –

It comes in a plastic tub which is leak proof and best to carry anywhere. Total 30 pads are inside 80 ml tub.

Each and every pad is soaked in sweet smelling, sticky toner lotion and when I squeezed one pad, I felt like I can soak 1 more pad in that. So I added few more pads in tub because I wanted to make most of this amazing product.

How to use it-

Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and swipe one pad all over your face.let the skin absorb all tonning lotion. I keep my tub in refrigerator for more cooling effect.

Its very effective to sooth dry patches, I get after continuous sun exposure and I relax my delicate under eye area with these pads to get brighter looking, moisturized skin instantly.

Reasons I love this –

These pads are one of my favorite k-beauty products because these are

1) Convenient,easy to carry,disposable solution for moisturized skin on the go.

2) Serum drenched pad which hydrates whole face, even neck also.

3) Makes my skin looks hydrated, plump instantly

4) My skin texture improved after using religiously for 15 days

5)soothing mild fragrance of rose

6) Doesn’t irritate my skin even when I have pimples

7)Works as toner and essence so I can skip these two (toner, essence) in my every day skincare routine

8)Does all the work it claims

Price- 24.99$

Availability – Amazon Commleaf

I got mine as PR sample from the brand.

Along with these pads I got a set of blotting paper to get rid of sebum on the go…. Which I am going to use in coming summers……

These are thin sheets which seems effective in absorbing sweat and sebum. Stay tuned to my instagram here……for more updates on this…

Commleaf is having amazing set of skincare ,do check their other products on instagram here

Thats for reading….. More amazing product reviews are coming soon….

Xoxo 💋💋💋💋💋Shilpi

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