Asta Berry Wine Face wash : Review

Holla peeps,

I am back with my one more skincare discovery. If you are following me here, you must be aware of my addiction of trying new skincare.I keep on searching products that suits my combination skin. Wine is considered very good for skin and health (anti-aging) if its taken in a limited quantity. But still there are people who don’t want to drink wine.

Asta berry has this product called wine face wash which promises to benefit skin by hydrating and is anti ageing too.Its an ayurvedic skincare.

Ingredients –

Wine is usually made with grape pulp so this unique facewash has good amount of grape extracts (1%).It also has some chemicals,perfume and preservatives but these are safe for skin. It doesn’t containany alcohol or liquor based product.

Fragrance –

Face wash has sweet, mild fruity fragrance which is mainly due to grape extracts.

Texture –

Its a gel based light facewash which is light pink in color. It spreads easily on skin and lathers well with water.



2)gives hydration

3)keeps skin’s natural oils intact (non drying)

4)increses skin’s firmness and elasticity

5)helps in getting a naturally elthy glow

6)helps to protect the skin from pollution and toxin damage.

7)useful in the repair of collagen.

My Experience –

I use this facewash in my night care routine.Pea size amount is enough to clean whole face. It lathers well and is non drying but cleans the skin effectively.I like its fruity smell so while applying I was dreaming of being in a garden full of grapes. It is a decent product which delivers what it promises.Use it atleast for 15 days to see the desired results.

Price – rs 110/- for 100ml

Availability – Flipkart, Amazon

Thats all folks……Thanks for reading. It was a quick review for this facewash…..

Stay tuned for more interesting blogposts.

Xoxo 💋💋💋💋💋Shilpi

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