Qraa Men Activated charcoal Scrub :Review

Healthy, clean skin is something we all want but we never want to follow a tedious skincare routine with many products. So I always keep one product handy which has multitasking abilities. Recently discovered QRAA MEN Activated Charcoal Scrub. This product is good for men and can be used by women as well…..

This product is effective in exfoliation and helps to get rid off dead skin with some additional benefits like unclogging pores, deep cleaning, instant whitening, improving skin texture.

Ingredients –

Main ingredient in this scrub is natural activated charcoal which is best known to draw out the dirt, excess oil and detoxify the skin.

Texture –

Unlike most of the scrubs I used earlier,this one is smooth with gentle scrub particles. It spreads easily on facial skin which makes its application very easy.

Packaging –

It comes in a tube packaging with secure flip cap which is travel friendly.

How to Use –

Take appropriate quantity of scrub and apply on wet face. Massage for few seconds with upward circular motion. Wash with luke warm water.

My Experience –

I use it often on my nose to treat blackheads. As I said earlier this one is gentle on skin and made my skin clear and soft. Unlike most whitening scrubs, it does not dry out my skin. Loving the fresh aroma it has….. Its definitely best scrub for all skin types, I used so far and good to use all year round. It is shared by my hubby and brother as well so it works pretty well on men’s tuff skin too.

Benefits –

1) polishes the skin

2) deep cleanses ,unclogs the pores

3) good to remove black heads if used twice in week

4) removes white heads

5) gives instant whitening and healthy skin

6) removes, oil, dirt and dead skin

Price – rs 240/- for 100 grms

Availability – Flipkart

Shelf life – 3years

So this was a quick review for my current favorite scrub….. Thanks for reading….more reviews coming soon…. Stay tuned

Xoxo…… 💋💋💋💋💋Shilpi

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