Ralph Pierre Watches and Crossloop Earphone :Two Must haves for being Trendy

Hey lovelies,

We living in a world where our fashion choices change with every passing day. To stay trendy, we often think of buying new clothes and ignore that how important part accessories play in creating our look. I recently came across these two brands called Ralph Pierre and crossloop and their products grabbed my attention.

Ralph pierre is premium watch brand which caters to all fashion forward age groups.

Crossloop makes all trendy earphones which has some out of the box designs.

Ralph Pierre –

Like its logo….. Brand delivers classic designs and performance is par excellence.Ralph Pierre is a fast fashion brand offering stylish watches catering to both young men & women. It is a flagship brand of Incosi Fashions Pvt. Ltd. Ralph Pierre watches offers high-performance features in trendy colours & design. It is designed to bring stylish & premium quality fashion goods at aggressive prices for today’s impulsively fashionable Indian youth.

What I love about the watch-

1)Mineral glass is used in all watches. Mineral glass is the number one component that premium watches have in common. It is scratch resistant and highly durable. Mineral glass is available in the Rs. 150-250 range. The price is determined by the hardness of the glass. Harder glass is more expensive to cut because the cutting blade is a diamond.

2)Ralph Pierre watches come with IP Plating that makes the watches 5 to 8 times more wear & corrosion resistant. This also adds to the watch’s brightness making the surface shine & glimmer. IP Plating is available in the Rs. 100-200 range.

3)It has european straps, made from top grain material. The designs are ultra stylish and are trending worldwide.These straps are available in the range of Rs. 250-300.

4)The dial is made up of a thin metal plate with a light beige coating. The components to any given dial costs about Rs. 250. The remaining cost is due to the precision needed to assemble the parts. This process requires specialized and expensive equipment.

5)Ralph Pierre watches are powered by SONY batteries to give them relentless power to go non-stop for years. SONY battery is available in the range of Rs. 200-300.

All these reasons are enough to fall in love with this time piece.

Cossloop Earphone –

I love to listen music on the go and when you get designer earphones from cross loop, it makes music experience more enjoyable. Crossloop has hashtag #SayNoToBoring which means when you music is vibrant why not you earphones too? Its combination of Design and enhanced Audio Experience. Crossloop Designer Earphones have been designed to go as per your style and personality.
Crossloop Earphones come in a variety of trendy colours and designs as well

Why I Love Crossloop?

Cross loop follows concept of be you.

Wear Your Personality

We are who we are. Our actions, fashion sense, our behaviour, music sense and everything else that we do depict our personality. We must not hide ourselves and confidently showoff the way we truly are. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we must wear our personality.

Wear Your Style

First impression matters and it starts from what we wear. It is important to find our own unique voice in the fashion world and to do that one must have style and not just fashion. Having our own style creates a way for us to express who we are.

Wear your attitude

Attitude defines our look and approach to life. It includes our inner thoughts and outward expressions. It is very important to carry positive attitude towards our life, style, fashion and who we are.

Wear your music

Music has a way of expressing which cannot be put into words. “I wear My Music” will connect immediately with people who would love to match up their audio accessories with their own personality, style or mood.

Verdict –

#Livetoday is the hashtag for Ralph pierre which means enjoy moments you are in right now. Follow the trends.Both products are made for fashion forward generation and comes with great performance. Design and build up is appreciable.

Availability –

Ralph pierre-Buy from here

Crossloop – Buy from here

Hope you like reading this blog.

Xoxo Shilpi

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