Kolan Wipes : REVIEW

Hey beautiful souls,

It has been really long when I connected with you all through a blog post. I was in search of good content and came across wipes by kolan which are totally a game changer.

We all agree that when it comes to convenience, we easily buy products which make our life simple and save our time. Wipes are one such product which we carry on our purse to look fresh,to clean ourselves, to remove makeup. I even use different wipes for different purposes. I never looked which material my wipes are made up of or are they bio degradable until I got to know about BAMBOO WIPES by KOLAN. I am also using BATH WIPES by KOLAN which are really helpful for me while travelling.


Wipes were labelled as biggest Villan in the year by THE GUARDIAN. You know that most of the wipes I was using had plastic fibers that are not biodegradable. When the wipes make their way into the ocean, they get ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish and eventually die. So need for the time is that we should swich to options which are less harmful for our surrounding and nature. All components of the kolan bamboo wipes are 100% biodegradable. Natural bamboo fibre is used to make these which can be easily grown and sourced. Bamboo fabric is most soft one (My own experience) and can be used on most sensitive skin.

Ingredients – The wipes are enriched with the finest natural and healthy ingredients like Olive oil, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. This unique combination of oils nourishes and moisturizes the skin whilst deep cleansing and protecting it. Kolan bamboo baby wipes provide a safe but hygienic cleansing system that is ideal for baby’s skin. It is mild but so effective that even adults can benefit from its numerous benefits. Adults can take advantage of the superior quality and incorporate them into their personal care and hygiene.These are alcohol and Parabens, preservatives, cleansing agents free,eleminates odor too.


Bamboo wipes are multipurpose wipes. It can be used for cleaning hands before-after meal, to clean makeup, to clean baby, to clean appliances, to clean sweat, excess oil.It very easy to carry out door or while travel.


BAMBOO wipes comes in different sizes .For a single set (contains 80 wipes) price is Rs 225/-

Availability –

On amazon, Kolan


Bath wipes were totally new for me but I got to know these are actually not! Bath wipes are generally used in hospitals where after injury or operation a patient can’t walk and have bath. In that case bath wipes come handy. In other situation if you travel often and want to stay fresh at a place where you couldn’t get a drop of water,you should have these bath wipes in your backpack.

Ingredients –

Kolan bath wipes are enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. These exceptional ingredients thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying it out. Your skin will feel refreshed and well-moisturized after being wiped with a Kolan bath wipe. Olive oil improves skin health by reducing skin inflammation in a condition such as an acne and psoriasis. It also exhibits anti-aging and superior moisturizing properties. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits for the skin. Some of them are healing inflammation like in cases of sunburn. Vitamin E is the other natural ingredient embedded into the wipes.


for Soldiers who get posting in deserts or at place like SIACHIN ,these wipes are much needed.

Adventure lovers who do hiking will definitely gonna love these.

Lazy souls like me in winters would love using bath wipes.

Price- rs 195 for pack of 10


On Amazon and kolan.com

Feel and Texture –

Both the wipes from kolan are softest and I love that they have good absorption ability.

Verdict –

One might find these a bit pricy but when you know the fact that by using these you are less polluting and saving environment, its worth spending that extra money.

Thats all folks….. It was all about #kolan wipes. Thanks for reading……

Xoxo Shilpi😃

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