Tiam My Signature Vita B5 Toner Review

Hello guys, its review time……

And again its for a korean skincare brand called Tiam I used first time their vita b5 toner but I am amazed with its results.

Whenever I want to buy a toner I first check its texture. I prefer going with watery consistency because thick toners never suits me. But surprisingly this viscous toner has something which my skin has started loving.

Reason why I love It-

1)Its a balancing toner with low pH (5.0-6.0) It maintains a healthy acid condition which helps the skin defend itself against bacteria and gives good hydration too.

2)It absorbs quickly in skin so its great, not heavy for layering your skin in Day as well as in night.

3)It has high content of vitamin b5 which has a natural ability to moisturize, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin.It also increases skin’s hydration.

4)Its best if you have a sensitive, acne prone skin. But it can be used on any skin type.


It comes in a matte finish plastic bottle which has secure cap and carry it in your bag while travelling without any fear of spillage.

How I use it?

I use it twice a day just after washing my face with a facewash ,let it dry and use serum, cream after it.

Best way to apply it is take few drops on a clean cotton pad and swipe it all over your face.


This toner has changed my perception of Toner. It does multiple work and enhances the absorbing power of skin.I feel my anti-ageing cream working more effectively.fine lines on my forehead are less visible. I will definitely buy it again.

Availability –

I got mine from cosmetic jolse

It can be ordered easily from wishtrend

So… Thats all about this amazing toner. Thanks for reading 😊

Xooxoo Shilpi 💋

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