Wonder chef’s Nutripot-Your Personal Kitchen Robot-Delhi Launch Event

Generally we believe healthy can’t be tasty.Healthy dishes are considered boring but if you have right appliances for your kitchen, you can break this myth.

On 3rd September 2018,in Delhi, Wonderchef (a leading brand in kitchenware)has launched a innovative, revolutionary automated appliance called Nutripot.This one is going to change the way you cook by saving your time, keeping the nutrients intact without compromising in taste.

Why this one is a game changer?

This one of a kind device is based on smicro computer technology which controls the pressure and temperature inside the pot to prevent over cooking plus nutritional value of food is not disturbed.

Which dishes can be made in Nutripot?

All sorts of indian dishes can be made in this 6 litre pot like rice, biryani, pulav, gravy dishes.This device has 18 preset menu. It has delay time option too which lets you cook according to your wish.

One added benefit is a recipe book is provided with nutripot which has list of many dishes especially curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutionist Nahid Khilji.

Why It Is So Convenient?

This pot is a result of 14 months research by best mind of this industry, so it delivers what it promises.

Usually we need to stand to gas stove and cooking need supervision so that food doesn’t get overcook or get burn.

But here in Nutripot food never burns. It utilizes right amount of water for cooking. It has hard anodised nonreactive inner pot which makes sure heat is evenly distributed across pot.
Automatic Keep-Warm function keeps the temperature of the food warm until ready to serve.

About the event-

It was a delight to see that managing Director of Wonderchef Mr. Ravi Saxena was himself present to unveil this new device and he also demonstrated how to cook cake and rajma in Nutripot.

How to get this device?

Prebooking of Nutipot has started on Wonderchef’s website here .One can do prebooking with just rs 1000/-


Launch price of Nutripot is rs 6999/-

Its a must have if you want to switch to smart cooking and want to save your precious time.

So thats all for this post….. Thanks for reading….. Xo shilpi 💋💋💋💋💋

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