Non electric air purifier by Dr. Charcoal :Review

Living in Metro, Air pollution is one of the major issue we face continuously every moment. Stopping it completely is not possible but we can try to cope with it,with the help of a smart innovation by Dr. Charcoal. They have come up with non electric air purifiers which are hassle-free and goes for a long run.

What’s Inside?

Inside beautiful jute bag pouch, it has highest quality of activated charcoal with micropores (less than 2 nano meters) on its surface. It absorbs all odor in air.Best part is it does not have any fragrance of its own. So basically it works quietly without getting noticed.

It also absorbs bacteria, allergens and pollutants.

How to Use it?

Simply hang it on wall or place it anywhere where you need to remove odor.This bag needs to be kept in sunlight once in a month to activate the charcoal. This way one pack can go for a year.

I am currently using it in my bedroom and its working effectively from past 8 days.

Availability and Sizes-

This unique product is easily available on amazon Buy from here

It comes in packs of 75grms, 200 grms, 500 grms. These sizes are appropriate for different sizes of rooms. For example 75 grms can be used for bathrooms and 500 grms for living room.

Why its the best way to clean air in your Home –

👉Especially during festival time of Deepawali Delhi turns into a gas chamber.At that time everyone go to purchase those fancy air purifier which are so expensive. If we swich to Dr. Charcoal we can save our hard earn money for sure.

👉it doesn’t have any harmful spray or perfume,100 % natural, non toxic so its totally safe for kids and our furry buddies.

👉unlike those bulky electric air purifiers, these are portable solution.

👉its ecofriendly too because after one year the charcoal can be used as manure.


Rs 399 for 75 grms

Rs 599 for 200 grm

Rs 899 for 500 grms

(you may get some discounts too on amazon)

Verdict –

So get rid of foul smell inside your home with Dr. Charcoals economic, hassle-free, non electric air purifiers.

Hope you like reading about this new products. Thats all beautiful souls….. Until my next post …..bye bye

Xoooo 💋Shilpi

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