Purito Centella Green Level Buffet Serum and Eye cream – Korean skincare Review

We all know Korea is called beauty capital of the world and I have an obsession with k beauty rituals which emphasizes on layering various skincare products. It includes 9 to 10 steps which may sound too much for beginner but if you stick to do this regularly it benefits your skin in a long run. I came across a brand on social media called Purito so I thought to give it a try. I got my hands on two products from their Centella range….

1- Centella green level buffet serum

2- Centella green level eye cream

Both of these products have 49% centella extracts so its the main ingredient.

What is Centella?

It is actually a plant called Centella Asiatica (tiger grass) best known for its healing and anti ageing properties.

Centella green level buffet serum-

This serum comes in a green pump packaging.its a light serum which need to e applied on clean face just before day/night cream. Its best for sensitive skin and safe even if you have breakouts. It soothes skin ,heals fine lines. It protects the skin from outer environmental factors.

It is transparent serum with runny texture. It quickly absorbs in skin. It has very mild refreshing smell which I love.

Centella green level eye cream –

It comes in a tube packaging and has peptides along with asiaticoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid ( flights inflammation).

This eye cream is again light in texture, absorbs quickly. It has decreased fine lines in my under eye area. This cream has all powerful ingredients which self heals the skin of sensitive eye area.

It has same fragrance like buffet serum. I apply it after application of serum as last step of my eye care routine.

Pros- there are many reason why you should give these two a try.

1-Best,safe,natural ingredients

2-less chemicals

3-user friendly packaging

4-cruelty free


1-Its available on purito ‘s official web site only.

2-Some of you might find prices on higher side. Buffet serum-17. 30$ (60ml) ,eye cream-13$(30ml)


I got these two from brand itself to review. I used these for a month and I am satisfied with the results. If you want to invest in good korean skincare brand don’t think twice go for purito.

So, it was all for these two amazing products…. Hope you enjoyed reading. Lets connect on social media.

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I will comeback soon with more such content….. Xo Shilpi 💋

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