Nutrilite Traditional Herb :Best of Nature,Science and traditional wisdom

Hi my beautiful readers,

Herbs are nature’s best gifts which are used in various treatments since ages. Consumption of these ancient, miraculous herbs ensures the right balance between our body and mind.

But in today’s fast paced life nobody has time to search and consume these herbs on daily basis.

Pollution has also increased so much that heavy metals settle in plants leaves which makes them not safe to consume directly.Eating 100s of tulsi leaves or amla fruit per day is also not possible for a normal person.

In such critical situation Amway’s new nutrilite traditional herb range comes in rescue.

Recently I got chance to attend blogger’s meet of Amway which was regarding the launch of their new traditional herb range.




🌿Amalaki, Vibhitaki &Haritaki

There was also a small celebration for 20 glorious years of Amway.

There I got to know how Amway is putting best efforts to make these herbs.I want you to know how Amway is using new technology which makes it stand out of the crowd.

1)DNA Finger Printing-

DNA fingerprinting is a novel approach that involve identification of a species why reading the genetic makeup at a molecular level by generating barcode like patterns.

It helps ensure that every herb is in its purest form and free from any kind of contamination.

2)Certified Organic Herbs-

Amway uses herbs from Ferms which has organic certification in India. Nutrilite ensures growing, harvesting and processing plants on certified organic farms where no pesticides are used.


Nutrilite traditional Herbs range of products is made from non gmo( genetically modified organisms) sources. Because genetically engineered food may lead to threat or various health issues.

4)Active Ingredients-

These Herbs contain active ingredients which provide various health benefits in just one or two tablets a day.

5) Nutraceutical Guidelines Compliant-

These herbs meet all product guidelines defined by FSSAI

Amway follows a three-step principal for the best quality of herbs which are purity,safety and potency.

Health Benefits of Nutrilite Traditional Herb Range-

Amalaki, Vibhitaki, Haritaki-

It supports digestion, has laxative properties,improves appetite, supports colon health, soothes hyper acidity and detoxifies the body system.

Dosage-1-2 tablets a day


It supports vitality, eases distress, calms the Nervous System, boosts body’s functioning,revitalizes the body.

Dosage-1-2tablets a day


It supports mental agility, improves the functioning of central nervous system, improves attention, improves alertness and concentration.

Dosage-1-2 tablets a day.


It supports immunity it has antioxidant effect.

Dosage-1-2 tablets a day.

Most of us have bad immune system due to unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits and increased pollution.By consuming these traditional herb range by Amway,we can easily achieve great balance in mind and body.I am consuming 1 tablet each of tulsi and ashwaganda per day.

So why not you give these traditional herbs a try and feel the difference in your immune system….

Thats all for this post…. Thankss for reading….bye till my next blog post.

Stay natural… Stay healthy.

Xooo xoooo Shilpi 💋💋💋💋💋💋

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