Divine Organics Quick impressions

Hello everyone,

I have keen interest in skincare Infused with pure and organic ingredients. When in month of December I got invite to attand launch of Divine Organics,I was so much excited.

As a blogger I got four products to try and here in this blogpost I will share my experience with these products.

This brand is very promising and can give a tuff competition to rest available brands claiming to be organic as it has ECOCERT CERTIFICATE which ensures quality and authenticity of the brand.

About the Brand:

What I got:

1-A cell renewal facewash

2-Intense care facescrub

3-Skin balencing toner

4-Pollution defence day cream

My Take:

All 4 products give a gentle care and ensure no damage or harm to your delicate skin.

1)Cell Renewal facewash:

As you can see in picture its a clear gel based facewash having goodness of fruits…. especially grapes which is known for giving glow and reducing wrinkles.It has a delightful fruity smell.

Price-495/-for 100ml

2)Intense care face scrub(tan defence& skin brightening) :

This has ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil and orange which make sure no dryness after scrubbing.It has light fragrance.

Price-695/-for 100grms

3)Skin brightening toner(with rose and saffron:

This one is good if you want even Skin tone also helps in reducing fine lines, hyper pigmentation.It has flowery,rosy smell. It comes in good packaging,has double cap which ensures no spill if you carry while travel.

Price-375/- for 100ml

4)Pollution defense day cream:

Very light,gel based day cream best suitable for oily skin.It has mild fresh fragrance .It comes in attractive glass packaging.

price-1250/- for 50 grms


1)all organic ingredients

2)100% natural

3)no harmful chemicals

4)no artificial color or smell


high price


I have mixed thoughts on these products. Two of these are extremely good which are facewash and toner.

Rest two scrub and day cream didn’t worked so well for my combination skin but did so well for my sister who has oily skin.

Overall Divine organics gives a Luxury organic skincare experience.

Where to buy:

All products are available on amazon

buy from here

This review is my own view and my experience after using these for 2 months.

That’s all for this post, bye till my next review…. Thanks for visiting my blog….. Xooooo Shilpi…. 💋

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