The Faceshop Greentea sheet mask(The Vert) Review

Whenever I feel my skin looking dull I use mask to rejuvenate it but using regular clay mask never give me desired result as I have combination skin. My t-zone(forhead and nose) turns extremely oily during summers but my cheeks are dry.

While researching about a good mask I got to know about sheet mask which are actually sheets soaked in specific ingredient serum. I thought to give it a try and ordered my set of 5 sheet masks of the brand THE FACESHOP from nykaa.


The Faceshop is a korean brand which uses all plant derived ingredients in their products. Korea is known as Beauty capital of the world and western world also buy various beauty products from there.

Packaging-These masks come in a neat pouch packaging which is good because every pouch has one time usable sheetmask.


Price-1 pack individually will cost you 100 rs but if you try their combo offers its gonna be light on your pocket. Like nykaa has buy 5 get 5 offer which is totally money saver.

Ingredients -All plant derived ingredients mainly green tea which is known for antibacterial and purifying properties

Application -Always wash your face with a mild facewash before doing any beauty ritual so that your skin gets the benefits of serum ingredients of sheetmask. The sheet has cutout for nose, eyes, mouth. So you need to place this sheet on your face avoiding eye area. That’s it… It superquik, non messy and convenient.


U will look like an alian from a sci-fi movie better apply this when nobody’s around. 😄

Duration -it is suggested to keep the sheet on your face for at least 15 minutes but I gave a nice 20-25 minutes and relaxed with my headphones on.

Result-When I took off the sheet my skin felt good .Serum’s powerful ingredients left my face glowing and result will last minimum for 3-4 days. You don’t need to wash your face after removing sheet, massage the leftover serum on your face.


My tips -If you are going to try sheet mask first time-

1-keep them for 30 minutes in refrigerator to get cooling effect if using in summers.

2-use them on clean skin because if you haven’t washed your face with good cleanser you might not get maximum benefits.

3-while removing sheet after masking remove them from down to upward

4-massage in upward circular motion the left over serum on your face with fingertips.

5-whatever serum is left in pack use it to moisturise your hand and feet.

My verdict -Its must try if you also face difficulty while masking like me due to combination skin. Its a bliss for people with extremely dry skin. I won’t suggest for people with oily skin, they should try honey mask range of The face shop.

Rating-4. 5/5

It has charmed me guys, trust me its trustworthy product. 👍 Go get ur pack from nykaa …

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