PLUM green toner and night cream Review

I was planning to include single brand in my night care routine since long time. As it is always good and it provide maximum benefits .My search ended on the brand PLUM.

Plum is having natural ingredients which are all plant derived and 100% vegan which I most like about this brand.

I have made purchase of 2 products

1-Green tea toner

2-night cream


must have for oily, combi, acne prone skin. I purchased this toner as I am facing too much acne these days. It is alcohol free toner which ensures that u will not feel any irritation or dryness.

Ingredients –

It has natural ingredients and its free from parabens and any animal derived ingredients.

Packaging -It has long bottle with one tap opening which is good for use at home but not suggested to take for travel. I transfer some of it in my spray bottle.

My take -I use it twice a day after cleansing my face. Always shake it before use. I use my cotton pads and put few drops of this on pads. Than swipe this on my face. Leave it for few seconds so that it gets dried on may face. I put the bottle in refrigerator because I like cooling feel on my face. It has nice fragrance and make u feel refreshing.

Price-380 rs For 200ml bottle(which lasts for 2 months)

Verdict-Must try for acne prone, oily skin ,it has tea tree which has so many benefits.4.5 out of 5 🌟


I have combination skin which has its own drawbacks.Like my t-zone is oily 24*7 but my cheeks are dry. It is a tedious task for me to choose skincare product which suits my combination skin.

I came across plum night cream which has extracts of grape seed and sea buckthorn.Both of these ingredients have powerful anti oxidants to treat the dryness and prevents formation of finelines and wrinkles.

Ingredients –

Sunflower, water, grape seed, sea buckthorn, no animal derived ingredients (100% vegan)

Packaging -It comes in glass jar which is very heavy and not suitable to carry along while travel.

My take-Used it continuously 15 day at night and results are good on my skin. It is a non oily cream and provide enough moisture.It easily absorbs in skin.

In morning I get up with glowy skin

Price -rs 525 for 50 ml jar.

Verdict-If you have combination skin and looking for nature based night cream. Plz give it a try. 4 out of 5 🌟

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