Nyle Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Review

Increased pollution day by day mostly affects our skin and hair.Hairfall is common among all age groups. Sometimes after so many products and home remedies we give up and start living with this problem. Our hair are our crowning glory they need our proper attention. Best possible care and solutions come from nature.2017-10-12 12.30.41.jpg

I found NYLE anti-hair fall shampoo really effective to fight with hairfall. I got to know about this through a blogger collaboration program.They send me 2 small bottles (90ml) before 2 monthes. I actually wanted to experience its effectiveness so I used it twice every week for a period of 2 monthes.

First Imprssion-The packaging is very good easy to carry for travel. Its transparent bottle, all main ingredients are printed on front.

Ingredients -Baadam, coconut milk, amla. All 3 are well known for strengthening hair.PARABEN FREE. It has coconut sweet smell which makes your shampooing more pleasant.

2017-10-12 12.31.50.jpg

How to Use-Apply directly on wet scalp.It lathers. Rinse off with water. Use twice a week.U can follow conditioning after shampoo.

Tip-Dilute it with water before shampooing.

Results-This shampoo improves texture of dull and breakable hair. It’s pH balanced so hair looks shiny and healthy after very first wash.

2017-10-12 12.42.10.jpg

Verdict- I found this one true to what it claims only condition is you have to use it religiously at least for a month. My hair look more dense because it has lessen up my hair fall so I ended up buying more bottles of NYLE.


This one has got my thumbs up πŸ‘ Go Get your bottle and let NYLE ANTI-HAIRFALL with nature’s goodness do the magic on your mane.

Price-45/-rs for 90 ml

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